Due to inactivity of the two administrators (User:Fel1230 and User:Ultraboy94, the founder of this wiki), I, FMecha, have listed this wiki up for adoption here, in hopes that I will gain adminship. (As of September 14, 2016, I have finally obtained it.)

Here's a to do list for this wiki:

  • More templates needed. Proper car specification infoboxes, navboxes (I made one for car manufacturers), hatnote quotes, etc is needed.
  • More images needed. Images should be of good quality; avoid using (and delete) images from IGCD - this was an issue I told to Gran Turismo Wiki, leading him to take action (the IGCD admin ruling is here, posted by Rinspeed)
    • Logos for Ridge Racer sponsors are here. (They were originally made for Global Racing League, a GTR2/rFactor AI league I participate.)
  • Flesh out and expand pages. Especially with Rage Racer cars, which only have only stub-tier articles. Additional data, such as specifications (obtainable from, a Japanese webpage for console Ridge Racer games) should be added. Don't forget about tracks, part makers, etc.
  • Should we add R: Racing Revolution articles like the characters and organizations? (Do not include the articles of the real cars featured in-game) What about Ace Driver and Dirt Dash?
  • Considering Lucky & Wild uses the Wisdom name that also formerly belongs to Lizard (an article I expanded on), remove all references regarding "Lizard is now Danver" if possible. Only point-out reuse of Lizard car names by Danver.
  • New Main Page. The current one is currently designed around the old era Wikia.

There are probably more, but that's what I could think so far. If there are anything else, let me know. FMecha, signing out.