• FMecha

    Performance table templates

    November 21, 2017 by FMecha

    This is an overdue entry since I mainly edit in Asphalt Wiki nowadays (hey, I play Asphalt 8), but here's the templates for the performance tables. They are modeled after weapon damage chart used by MMKB. Edit variables, or add additional relevant/remove irrelevant parts as needed. Use source editor to copy the format, but please don't mess with them.

    Type Version
    Type-S MT speed in km/h
    Type-R MT speed in km/h
    Type-X MT speed in km/h
    Type-Z MT speed in km/h

    Grade Power Gears Engine Max speed (MT) Price (eg)
    Grade number In ps No of gears Engine Speed in km/h
    Speed in mph Price

    • All maximum speed numbers correspond to the car when driven with manual transmission. Please note that not all cars in Rage Racer can be equipped with automat…

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  • FMecha


    September 19, 2016 by FMecha

    Alright, I did some job and found out Wikia has a nifty infobox builder tool. Without further ado, let's introduce the new infoboxes:

    • For car articles: Template:Infobox car
    • For track articles: Template:Infobox track

    I might also do the infobox for games, R4 teams, and part/car manufacturers.

    For car articles specifically, I also added a top speed upgrade chart in the Terrazi Ambitious article, and hopefully will be doing it for other car articles as well. The goal here is that those tables should work like weapon damage charts in the Mega Man wikia.

    FMecha, signing out.

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  • FMecha

    A new management...

    September 13, 2016 by FMecha

    Due to inactivity of the two administrators (User:Fel1230 and User:Ultraboy94, the founder of this wiki), I, FMecha, have listed this wiki up for adoption here, in hopes that I will gain adminship. (As of September 14, 2016, I have finally obtained it.)

    Here's a to do list for this wiki:

    • More templates needed. Proper car specification infoboxes, navboxes (I made one for car manufacturers), hatnote quotes, etc is needed.
    • More images needed. Images should be of good quality; avoid using (and delete) images from IGCD - this was an issue I told to Gran Turismo Wiki, leading him to take action (the IGCD admin ruling is here, posted by Rinspeed)
      • Logos for Ridge Racer sponsors are here. (They were originally made for Global Racing League, a GTR2/rFa…
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