The Terrajin is Terrazi's special machine, featured in Ridge Racer 6 and 7.

Conceptually, it succeeds the Terrazi Utopia, as both are jet cars and both are classified as special machines.

In Ridge Racer 6, while it lacks outright top speed and initial launch acceleration, it's compensated by a stellar overall acceleration thanks to its superb Rocket Start abilities. The trait is carried on to Ridge Racer 7, where it has a relatively low top speed for a special class car. This is compensated by the incredible nitrous power and the very good Ultimate Charge rate.

The Terrajin can be very difficult to drive, especially on narrow courses due to its immense length. This is similar to the Monstrous. The Terrajin also has very soft suspension and tends to slide out in sharp corners.


  • Like its elder sister, the Terrazi Utopia, the Terrajin is the only distinct rocket car in the Ridge Racer series; and it's rocket thrusters tend to light up when mobile like a spaceship. Both have the sound of an ear piercing jet engine.
  • This special machine in RR6 and RR7 has the most prolonged ultimate charge out of any other special car; including the Monstrous.