The Terrazi Starnose is a wooden-chassis car with wild handling characteristics and a very minimalistic design approach. From the one-seat chassis to the aforementioned structure, the Terrazi closely resembles the real-life Caterham Seven line of kit cars with the exemption of its closed cockpit and being a single-seater vehicle. In RR6 and 7, the car is a Dynamic handling type, which means it drifts very easily and exuberantly. The Terrazi almost necessitates the Astaroth or Bosconian tire packages in RR7 to stabilize its handling. However, once tamed, the Starnose is an extremely competitive racer. In RR3D, however, the Starnose has been converted to a Mild handling type, therefore giving it better grip out of it's wild drifts. The name appears to have been inspired by the four very compact and bright headlights on the car's nose.

The Starnose resembles the Terrazi Starlight or Age Pegase.

Ridge Racer 6

Class Engine Top Speed
1 1.6 liter inline-4 230 km/h
3 2.2 liter inline-4 295 km/h


  • Ironically, Starnose's real-life counterpart, the Caterham Seven, was banned from certain races due to its extreme performance.
  • The wooden chassis construction may be a nod to Morgan, a British sports car manufacturer known for constructing their cars' chassis out of wood.
  • It possibly resembles the Caterham Seven Fireblade, a Honda bike-powered version of Caterham Seven, provided that Terrazi is Ridge Racer's equivalent of Honda, and its background of being a motorcycle manufacturer.