" The Centellee, TERRAZI's new super sports machine, had finally made its debut. It's the first machine to come out from the Giddosopia Research Center. This machine is handcrafted by the elite craftsmen at TERRAZI. The machine's long body, designed based on the results of countless win tunnel experiments, handles just as well as other TERRAZI machines. A true next-generation sports machine that moves unbelievably well for its size."
Ridge Racer 7

The Centellee is a sports/racing car made by Terrazi, featured in Ridge Racer 7.

Design and performance

It is the latest super sports vehicle from Terrazi, as well as the first car to be manufactured at the recently unveiled Giddosopia factory. This machine boasts technology expected of Terrazi and puts workers' hands to use throughout the manufacturing process including body casting and assembly. The result is a car manufactured almost entirely by hand. The Centlee's long body was subjected to the latest wind tunnel tests several hundred times over, resulting in vehicle that handles in typical Terrazi fashion despite its size. the body styles resembles the Hyundai Genesis coupe and the Lexus LFA Concept.

On a performance point of view, the Centellee offers a good combination of top speed and handling, yet its inertia drift rate isn't that good. Power is sent through a 7-speed transmission, enabling quick acceleration


  • Engine: V-type 8-cylinder
  • Cylinder capacity: 4000cc
  • Drive system: FR
  • Length/width/height (mm): 4,550 x 1,930 x 1,350
  • Top speed: 318kph
  • Drift type: Standard