"Terrazi is a major motorcycle manufacturer making its debut in Real Racing Roots '99 as a car manufacturer. They're known for their engines that are likened to precision instruments and unusual body designs."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

Terrazi (Japanese: テラジ) is a Japanese manufacturer that debuted in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Founded by Shoichiro Teraji (Japanese: 寺路 正一郎), Terrazi started as a motorcycle manufacturer, and entered the Real Racing Roots '99 as a car manufacturer. This background makes Terrazi comparable to Honda; the given name of the company founder gives the fact away. Terrazi is widely known for their surreal body styles that other manufacturers can't imitate, including Wildboar (a three-wheeled car, with one wheel on the back), Starlight (resembles a classic F1 car, only with a canopy), and Destroyer (resembles a Mini 4WD car). Terrazi is also involved in rocket car projects with the Utopia and Terrajin.


R4-only cars

Post-R4 cars


  • The manufacturer itself is named after one of Xevious' enemies of the same name.
    • The Terrazi text also appears in Rave Racer in both Ridge Racer and City courses, although at this time car manufacturers had yet to be established.
  • In Ridge Racer 7, a news report states that Terrazi has a car museum near the Highland Cliffs district, which is claimed to contain more than 200 Terrazi vehicles (possibly also their motorcycles); this might be Ridge State's counterpart of the Honda Collection Hall, given that Terrazi is based on Honda.
  • The founder's name, Shoichiro Teraji is a obvious reference to Shoichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, which also produced motorcycles before eventually producing cars.
  • Based on the fact that Terrazi built motorcycles, it is possible that the motorcycles featured in Cyber Cycles, a motorcycle arcade game by Namco, as well as the NFR990H, a fictional racing motorcycle in MotoGP 3, are also Terrazi products.
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