Special Machines in the Ridge Racer series are special vehicles that are unlocked by completing special tournaments and races. Most of them have very extreme performance compared to regular vehicles and thus requires effort to be beaten.

List of special machines

Ridge Racer (console version)

  • 13th Racing: The original special machine, the original 13th Racing car is a Group C race car that is fought in Extra T.T. race, the final race of the game.

Ridge Racer Revolution

  • 13th Racing: Same as the original. This car is fought in the Novice Time Trial, after completing all 3 races. The car is playable from start in Pocket Racer, based on Ridge Racer Revolution's engine.
  • 13th Racing Kid: A smaller (yet leaner) version of the 13th Racing Car, this car is fought in the Intermediate Time Trial.
  • White Angel: The original "angel" car, created as the opposite of the devilish nature of the 13th Racing car, with beautiful lines of a supercar. This car is fought in the Expert Time Trial. The car is also playable in Pocket Racer, and is also added in the Ridge Racer Turbo demo included with R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Rage Racer

In Rage Racer, special cars refers to the "Class 6" cars (the car's classes are not shown in the game) that is available upon completion of the Extra GP. All of those car have different names in the Japanese version.

  • Lizard Bulldog (Lizard Tempest in Japan): A hot-rod car.
  • Age Vanquire (Age Victorie in Japan): A bubble-top prototype sports car with good handling, and the only one that can be equipped with automatic transmission among the three cars.
  • Assoluto Squaldon (Assoluto Dragone in Japan): The ultimate car in the game; it's list price of 6,666,666 eg makes it the car the "devil" car in the game.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

See also: Extra Trial

  • Assoluto Vulcano: A "car" with anti-gravity technology. For some reason however, the car is still able to make drifts. The predecessor to the Pronzione.
  • Age Solo Ecureuil: A 3-wheeled bubble car with almost instant acceleration and only one gear (thereby making manual transmission almost moot), but is the slowest among all Extra Trial cars. Has the "angel" status in the game.
  • Terrazi Utopia: A land speed attack rocket car, predecessor of the Terrajin.
  • Lizard Nightmare: The "devil" car, resembling a Group C Le Mans car like the original. However, the car is considered different from the 13th Racing car, which became the Crinale instead.
  • Pac-Man: Awarded for unlocking all 320 cars in the game.

Ridge Racer V

  • Danver Spectra: A highly tuned 50's American car. Being a Drift type car, it has very slippery handling.
  • Rivelta Crinale: The 13th Racing car returns in V, with the brand and model name revealed, and some changes to the front headlights.
  • Soldat Rumeur: A rear-engined city car, modified with a supercar engine and very grippy handling.
  • Kamata Angelus: The White Angel car returns from Revolution, now a car with excellent grip abilities.
  • Pac-Man and Pac-Man's Ghosts: Unlocked after completing the Pac-Man GP. Pac-Man drives a Porsche 356 roadster, while the ghosts use scooters.

Ridge Racer (PSP)

  • Pac-Man: Pac-Man drives a plane in both games, both with different looks (he uses a propeller plane in the first and a more modern jet-like plane in the second).
  • Kamata Angelus: The new Angelus features a barrel shaped design with a gas jet turbine engine and six wheels, but returns to the original look in 2.
  • Soldat Crinale: The new Crinale features a more futuristic look, but reverts to the Rivelta-designed original look in 2.
  • Rally-X Car (1 only): A car based on the car appearing in New Rally-X, the "loading screen" game featured in the PSP games.
  • Terrazi Wild Gang (2 only): A compact rear-engined car with extreme performance, it became a regular car in 6.
  • Danver Hijack (2 only): A highly tuned pick-up car, originally a car made by Lizard in Rage Racer. Like the Wild Gang, it became a regular car in 6.
  • Age Angelus Kid and Age Crinale Kid (2 only): Based on the Ecureuil, but with four wheels. They are fought in different tours.
  • Yamasa Raggio (2 only): A real-life version of the Soldat Raggio, shown in 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon, based on Honda NSX chassis.

Ridge Racer 6 and 7

Due to their similarities, Ridge Racer 6 and 7 have the same line-up of Special cars. They are in the Special class in the sixth game and Category 1 class in the seventh game. Only three cars were changed in design between the two.

  • Kamata Angelus: The Angelus features a FIA GT supercar look in 6, and the barrel shaped car (from the PSP games) in 7.
  • Soldat Crinale: The Crinale features a Le Mans Prototype look in 6, and the more futuristic look (also from the PSP games) in 7.
  • Assoluto Pronzione: The successor to the Vulcano, an anti-gravity hover machine.
  • Age Ultranova: A lightweight car, stated to be Age's winning car in 2004 Ridge World Grand Prix.
  • Himmel 490B: A futuristic car with two arches connecting to the wheels instead of a suspension.
  • Gnade G00: A one-off luxury sedan concept car.
  • Terrazi Terrajin: The successor to the Utopia, a rocket car with an unsual design.
  • Danver Bass Cruiser: An SUV/van with audio systems in the back.
  • Pac-Man: Namco's mascot appears in both games in an UFO, with a different design in both games. Specifically, the UFO he uses in the seventh game is based from the UFOs in Xevious.
  • Monstrous: The "final boss" car, a limousine with the nitrous system located in the car's back seat and trunk.

Ridge Racer 3D

  • Kamata ANGL Concept: Same as the Angelus from 7, but with a different name.
  • Soldat Crinale: Same as the Crinale from 7.
  • Age Solo Petit 500: Same as the Ecureuils from second PSP game, with a new neutral livery.
  • Lucky & Wild Mad Bull: A supercharged hot-rod machine, likely the spiritual successor of Lizard Bulldog/Tempest.
  • Pac-Man: In this game, Pac-Man uses the Solvalou spaceship from Xevious.
  • New Rally-X Car: Same as the Rally-X car from the first PSP game.

Ridge Racer (PlayStation Vita)

  • Zihua Archangel: Replacing the Kamata Angelus, the Archangel is a Chinese supercar that holds the Angel car status in the game.
  • Soldat Crinale: The Crinale returns in the Vita game, with a new Le Mans prototype look.
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