"This new-generation sports machine, the Meltfire, was designed by former RIVELTA staff. Being one of only a few new machines to appear in a long time, the Meltfire quickly gained popularity. It features a finely crafted interior and exterior, with an extremely low center of gravity cockpit. The Meltfire has proven itself worthy of the next-generation name with its flawless handling and stability."
―"Ridge Racer 7"
The Soldat Meltfire is a vehicle manufactured by Soldat, first featured on the cover of Ridge Racer 6.

Design and performance

The car was designed by specialists from the former company Rivelta after Soldat and Rivelta merged. The car's design is heavily influenced by the Ferrari 360 Modena, even going so far as incorporating Ferrari's trademark red valve covers on its visible mid-mounted engine. It also bears resemblance to the McLaren 12C , but the resemblance is probably coincidental, since the 12C did not exist at the time of the game's release.

In terms of performance, this car features similar pros with the RC410, featuring a good combination of acceleration, top speed and handling, but hampered with bad nitrous performance. While not quite as speedy as the Centellee and RC410, is still a capable racer, and can easily match the twin designs from Assoluto, and also appears in Ridge Racer Vita as a full-blown race car fitted with big spoiler (it looks like the RR6 ver but a little bigger) and has a body kit.

A Complete Machine variant of the Meltfire is available as an unlockable in Ridge Racer 7.


Ridge Racer 6

Class Top Speed
2 252 km/h
4 318 km/h

Ridge Racer 7

Category Stage 0 Stage 1 Solvalou Druaga Zolgear
2 311 km/h 318 km/h 322 km/h 323 km/h 319 km/h
1 330 km/h 338 km/h 342 km/h 344 km/h 339 km/h


  • The Soldat Meltfire is the mascot car in Ridge Racer 6 for Xbox 360, appearing dominantly on the game cover with its "Mitsurugi" livery.

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