The Soldat Raggio is a race car that is manufactured by Italian automaker, Soldat. The shape of this car resembles the Enzo Ferrari at the rear and the Honda NSX at the front. It was featured in Ridge Racer (PSP) and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) front cover, and was renamed as the Soldat Rauna in Ridge Racer Vita but its head lights were updated.

In Ridge Racer (PSP)

Specs (Ridge Racer PSP)

  • Made In: Italy
  • Drift Type: Dynamic
  • Engine: V12
  • Max RPM: 9500
  • Length: 182 inches
  • Width: 79 inches
  • Height: 46 inches
  • Max Speed: 161 mph
  • Description: A purebred race machine, Raggio's throaty 12 cylinder engine excites racing fans around the world.

Ridge Racer 6 and 7

Ridge Racer 6 and 7's iteration of the Raggio is largely similar to its previous iteration, except for a performance increase in Ridge Racer 7 as it's first introduced as a Category 2 car.

In both titles, the Raggio has the best-in-class top speed but it's offset by a terrible nitrous performance and bad handling. In Ridge Racer 7, a special Complete Machine variant of the Raggio is available by obtaining 100 Manufacturer's Points with Soldat.

Category Stage 0 Stage 1 Solvalou Druaga Zolgear
2 313 km/h 320 km/h 323 km/h 325 km/h 321 km/h
1 332 km/h 340 km/h 344 km/h 345 km/h 341 km/h


  • The Soldat Raggio may be the successor to the Rivelta Solare, since Soldat purchased the Rivelta line and closed it down. Further evidence is that the Raggio's Class 6 Type-S paint livery is the Rivelta's default paint scheme.
  • Raggio in Italian means "Ray".
  • Soldat Raggio also makes a cameo in Time Crisis 4. On the Prologue stage, you can see a billboard that advertise Raggio. However, in the original arcade version of the game, Age's logo incorrectly appear in those billboards.
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