Soldat (Japanese: ソルダ) is an Italian manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Soldat also produced city cars as well such as the Soldat Rumeur, although in the series only a tuned version ever appears. The manufacturer's cars are known for their high top speeds rather than their drifting capabilities. It has been dubbed the Ferrari of the series.

Soldat is the manufacturer that acquired a fellow Italian manufacturer, Rivelta, which carried their legacy by continued development of the Crinale. Soldat even continued use of Rivelta's development facilities for a while and used their former talents to work on their products.


  • Soldat Rumeur: The first Soldat car to appear in the series, a rear-engine city car heavily modified with V6 engine and maximum gripping. One of the special machines in Ridge Racer V, and the slowest at that.
  • Soldat Raggio (Soldat Rauna in the Vita game and Slipstream): Soldat's most notable sports car, carrying the legacy of it's predecessor, Rivelta Solare. A real-life replica, dubbed Yamasa Raggio, was featured in 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon.
  • Soldat Crinale: The 13th Racing car, with continued development under Soldat. Has switched between an futuristic and prototype racer looks, depending on the game.
  • Soldat Meltfire: A grand tourer sports car, in the lines of Ferrari 360 Modena/F430; the cover car of Ridge Racer 6.


  • Soldat means soldier in German.
    • Given that Soldat is an German word used by an Italian manufacturer, it might imply that Soldat is actually a half-German, half-Italian company. (For comparison, Lamborghini, an Italian marque, is currently owned by the German-based Volkswagen group of companies).
  • Due to the fact Soldat was a Special Machine-only manufacturer in Ridge Racer V, Soldat was barely advertised within the game.
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