Shooting Hoops

Shuttleloop Highway (a.k.a "Shooting Hoops") is a track debuted in Ridge Racer Type 4 and returned in Ridge Racer 2 (PSP).

The final round of the Real Racing Roots season is a traditional U.S style Speedway style. There's no drifting, braking, or tactical driving needed here (unless in the case of Dynamic-type drifting race cars in RR2PSP from Class 4 above), provided you know the correct "racing-line". After a few goes you should be able to get through the whole race without ever releasing the throttle!

Course Data

  • Located in: Los Angeles (USA)
  • Length: 2.473 miles (3.958 km)
  • Date and Time: 23:45, December 31, 1999
  • Preset BGM: Movin' in Circles (all teams)


On the starting grid, get your RPM counter up to about 6000 and hold it there until the race begins to get a perfect start.

  1. Stay on the right-hand side of the track before locking the wheel left and holding it there until the road straightens out again.
  2. Take this easy right into the tunnel at full pelt, pulling over to the right of the track in preparation for...
  3. Provided you are positioned well, you can take this corner (which is probably the only one you might mess up on) without relenting on the gas.
  4. The fourth corner leads to the finishing straight, so turn sharply in order to straighten out earlier and maximize your speed into the final stretch.

Other Tips

  • For fast times, try switching to Manual Transmission to squeeze out a little bit more torque from your cars engine.
  • Unlike real Speedway racing, being aggressive against the other drivers will not benefit you. Even the slightest contact with other cars or barriers will kill your speed, and that maneuver might cost you a chance for winning the race, so watch out.


  • The track's shape resembles a basketball ring hence the name "Shooting Hoops".