Seaside Route 765 (known as Short course in the original Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer Short in Rave Racer, simply Ridge Racer in Ridge Racer 64, Sunny Beach in Ridge Racer V, and Whale Lagoon in Ridge Racer Accelerated) is the most popular and common Ridge Racer circuit.

The course have been branded a circuit suitable for beginners in almost of it's all appearances. The course begins in a highway section, then goes into a tunnel below the circuit's landmark building with a Jumbotron. Exiting from it, the road goes into a bridge that leads to the beach section (hence it's name in Ridge Racer V), before entering to another tunnel and finally the starting section again.


  • The track also makes an appearance in Critical Velocity and MotoGP 3 (Challenge 42), albeit without any advertisement billboards and different scenery in both games.
  • The track holds the crown for the most appearance in the series, and also with most names.
  • In Ridge Racer 7's final round, the course's default soundtrack is "M.T.T.B." by Hiroshi Okubo, and it can't be changed.

Seaside Route 765 map as seen in Critical Velocity

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