"Rivelta's mid engine car sacrifices handling in pursuit of top speed."
Ridge Racer V's blurb for the Standard class version

The Rivelta Solare is a sports car manufactured by Rivelta, appearing since the first Ridge Racer. The name itself did not appear until Ridge Racer V.


The Solare is characterized as an Italian mid-engined sportscar, with the looks resembling the Ferrari Testarossa.

  • In the first Ridge Racer game, the Solare appear as opponent cars in 4 colors. These cars (Solvalou Yellow, Solvalou Blue, Xevious Red, and Xevious Green) became playable in the PlayStation version, each with different handling properties, as well in Ridge Racer Revolution.
  • In the arcade games Ridge Racer 2 and Rave Racer, the Solare is chosen in the operator's menu. The car IDs for Solare are 1 (yellow), 2 (blue), 6 (yellow), and 7 (orange).
  • In Ridge Racer V, the name Rivelta Solare is used for the first and only time in the series. The Solare is a Drift-type car, and is considered the hardest car to master in the game, with a very wide turning radius compared to the other drift cars (Kamata Fiaro and Danver Toreador). In the Extra class, the car gains FIA GT style aerodynamic parts. The car's stock R4CT engine is stated to be able to produce 435 horsepower.
Solare Solvalou

The Solare featured in Ridge Racer, a.k.a "Yellow Solvalou"

Performance chart

In Ridge Racer Revolution

The car's maximum speed from all the four available types (when using manual transmission).

Type #2 Solvalou Yellow #12 Solvalou Blue #7 Xevious Red #17 Xevious Green
Type-S 175 km/h 188 km/h 177 km/h 182 km/h
Type-R 196 km/h 209 km/h 198 km/h 203 km/h
Type-X 217 km/h 230 km/h 219 km/h 224 km/h
Type-Z 238 km/h 251 km/h 240 km/h 245 km/h
  • All maximum speed numbers correspond to the car when driven with manual transmission. There is a maximum speed reduction when automatic transmission is used. It should be noted that all variations have different handling characteristics as well.
  • RT Xevious Red share top speeds with Galaga RT Prid's car.
  • Numbers sourced from (Japanese only).

In Ridge Racer V

All the three engines available for the car:

Engine Specification Class Maximum speed Power
Rivelta R4CT 4500cc Flat 12 DOHC Standard 321 km/h 435 ps
VECT VCT33 5700cc Flat 12 DOHC Extra 382 km/h 526 ps
VECT VCT36 8000cc Flat 12 DOHC Oval 431 km/h 806 ps


  • The Soldat Raggio may be the successor to the Rivelta Solare, since Soldat purchased the Rivelta line and closed it down. Further evidence is the similarity of the front fascia between the Solare and the Raggio.
  • The in-game Solare has smaller cylinder volume compared to the real-life Testarossa. The real-life Testarossa has 4.9 liter flat-12 engine, whereas the Solare (standard class) has 4.5 liter flat-12 engine. The Solare also has more transmission gears than its real-life counterparts (6-speed as opposed to 5-speed).
  • The Solare that appears in Ridge Racer V is based on the Solares that appear in Rave Racer, featuring holes below the pop-up headlights.
  • In early games, the headlights and taillights of the Solares are often inconsistent. For instance, in the PlayStation Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution, the Solvalou Solares have circular taillights and fixed headlights, but the Xevious Solares in the same game have rectangular taillights and pop-up headlights.
  • "Solare" means sunlight in Italian.
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