The Rivelta Mercurio is a car introduced in Ridge Racer V.

The Rivelta Mercurio's real-life origin was the Ferrari 360 Modena, with some features from the Mazda RX-7. Ferrari's footprint on the car design is very evident in the front and rear ends, with extra curves and pop-up headlights taken from the RX-7 (often thereby made the car look like Chevrolet Corvette C5). It is a grip-type car that does not drift, and is often thought of as the second most difficult grip car to control, second only to the Himmel E.O.. Ridge Racer V marks the car's only appearance in the entire series, and was the game's cover car. In fact, the car was also described as "The symbol of Ridge City".


Class Engine Top Speed
Standard R16C, 3.0 liter V6 DOHC 281 km/h
Extra VCT16, 3.0 liter V6 DOHC twin turbo 426 km/h
Extra Oval VCT24, 5.2 liter V6 DOHC twin turbo 529 km/h


Somehow, Soldat Meltfire is the car's spiritual successor due to the same hood scoop seen on Mercurio, although it doesn't have a flip-up headlight like Mercurio has.

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