Rivelta (Japanese: リヴェルタ) was an Italian sports car manufacturer that appeared in Ridge Racer V. Rivelta was the Ridge Racer's counterpart of Ferrari, producing high performance sports cars. Rivelta only appeared in one game before it was bought out by Soldat, another Italian carmaker. Although the Rivelta brand was soon retired, their former staff carried their legacy and Soldat retained use of Rivelta development facilities prior to their shutdown sometime during Ridge Racer 7; they also continued the development of the infamous Crinale.


  • Rivelta Mercurio: The cover car of Ridge Racer V, a four-wheel drive grand tourer car with a pop-up headlights (in Standard class only), with design influences from Ferrari 360 Modena, Mazda RX-7 (FD), and Chevrolet Corvette (C5).
  • Rivelta Solare: Based on the RT Solvalou and RT Xevious cars in early games, the Solare is a pure Italian sports car, resembling both Ferrari 512TR/Testarossa and Lamborghini Diablo. The Soldat Raggio carried some resemblances to the Solare.
  • Rivelta Crinale: The original "13th Racing" car, resembling a heavily armored Ferrari F40 or a Group C Le Mans endurance racer. The development of the car resumed under it's new owner, Soldat.


  • According to the back of Ridge Racer V: Official Bootleg with DVD, Rivelta was the winner of the 2000 Ridge State Grand Prix, suggesting that they are the canon winners of Ridge Racer V. However, it says that Rivelta won in it's debut of the Ridge State Grand Prix, despite the Solare having been in since the first game (although this was likely due to the car names was just being used in Ridge Racer V).
  • Excluding retroactive appearances, Rivelta is the manufacturer with least appearance in the series (currently tied with Zihua), only appearing once.
  • Rivelta is probably the corruption of the word liberta, meaning freedom in Italian.
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