Rt solvalou
"An elite Italian team with a record number of GP victories. Their cars are tuned for high performance."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (Grand Prix mode team blurb)

The Racing Team Solvalou is one of the most famous Racing teams in the Ridge Racer Series. They debuted since 1993 as simply RT Blue/Yellow Solvalou and in Ridge Racer Type 4, it is simply named as RT Solvalou.

Their name is based off of Namco's side-scrolling shooter Xevious (the player's ship being called Solvalou). In Ridge Racer Type 4, Enki Gilbert is the manager of RTS. Players will experience semi-professional racers. RTS' tuning is the concentrated on top speed or acceleration, risking maneuverability. The RTS' is recognized for their victories in the 1995 and 1996 Grand Prix.


"Racing Team Solvalou was formed in 1967, two years after Enki Gilbert's retirement from racing. Shortly after its formation, it scored victories over the years. However, during the 80s, something terrible happened to the team where one of their drivers, Giuliano Gilbert, was killed in an accident during the 1986 season, causing fellow teammate Shinji Yazaki to leave the team."
―nicovideo's Ridge Racer entry


RTS is managed by Enki Gilbert (born in 1931), father of the late Giuliano Gilbert, a hard man who had seen racers and crewman come and go in the circuit. He kept his personal feelings seperate from his team, creating an image of a man who demands perfection. Throughout the Real Racing Roots '99 season, watching the newly hired racer slowly achieve perfection makes him feel uneasy as he fears the same fate would happen to his newest protege.


In the Nintendo 64 title, R.T. Solvalou returns as a racing team using the Assoluto Bisonte, featuring the exact appearance as in R4.

As in Ridge Racer 7, Solvalou's no longer a racing team, but rather a parts manufacturer specializing in engine modification, featuring a balance of acceleration and top speed.

Known Manufacturers

Gilbert RTS

RTS Manager, Enki Gilbert

  • Assoluto: Bisonte and Fatalita (RR Type 4, RRPSP, RRPSP2, RR6, RR7)
  • Rivelta: Solare (Ridge Racer, RR Revolution)


  • The RT Solvalou logo is an exploding Shooting Star projectile in the game Xevoius[1]
  • Their main color is silver with a blue-white strip and their number is 02 while their old main color was blue or yellow.
  • At 68 years old, Enki Gilbert is the oldest character in the game.
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