Out of Blue

Out of Blue, later renamed as Ocean Bay, is a race course featured in Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP). It starts at the same point as Helter Skelter, but instead it runs through another tunnel that leads to a port.

Course Data

  • Located in: Yokohama (Japan)
  • Length: 3.477 miles


Players will start at the same point as Helter Skelter, but this time, they'll keep straight before turning right into a sea port complex. The course features a good amount of speed variations, especially at the port where there's a sharp left turn, the tight highway underpass after the second tunnel, and the final corner, where (especially in Ridge Racer 2) players will approach it at high speed, thus requiring them to hit the brakes to initiate a drift. In both of its appearances, it was raced at early in the morning.