Namco Pac-Man

Pac-Man in Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)


Pac-Man in Ridge Racer (PSP)

The Namco Pac-Man (also known as Pac-Man car) is a special vehicle that is unlockable in Ridge Racer (PSP), Ridge Racer 2 (PSP), Ridge Racer 5 Ridge Racer 6 and Ridge Racer 7.


Ridge Racer Type 4

R4 Pac-Man

Pac-Man in R4

This car has a shape of Pac-Man. It has a relatively good acceleration. A new BGM will be available when Pac-Man is playable. It glows in tunnels and even has it's own music!

Ridge Racer PSP

His car is a plane-like vehicle with an engine that is powered by Power Pellets but have poor nitrous system which can only be used for a short time thus charges faster.

Ridge Racer 2 PSP

His car is now a jet-like vehicle which is also powered by Power Pellets

Ridge Racer 5

His Car resembles Porsche 356 A Speedster you get him after beating the ghosts which you get the ghosts after.

Ridge Racer 6

His car is a floating UFO-like vehicle. Like in other games, it has the same driving performance. This form involves the car to rotate while boosting.

Ridge Racer 7

Pacman RR7

Pac-Man in Ridge Racer 7

Now he is driving a hovering Andorgenesis, which appeared from a Namco arcade game, Xevious. Because of its new Nitrous system, this vehicle has a Hi-Nitrous type which is now driving faster when the nitrous has been used.

Ridge Racer 3D

He pilots a scaled-down Solvalou, the player's ship in the arcade game Xevious. The two halves of a Sheonite is positioned in front of the vehicle and spins as though they were wheels; however they are not touching the ground.

Specs (RR PSP)

  • Drift Type: Special
  • Max Speed: 218 MPH
  • Description: Pac-Man from Namco. He travels around the world, in search of fruits and power pills. Little is known about this speed demon's vehicle, but rumor has it that is it both fast and comical...
  • Unlocked by: Completing Pro 21