Mythical Coast (Mythical Coast in Rage Racer) is a short course that takes you back in time. It has a good blend of ups, downs, jumps and turns.


You start off at the usual starting point. Then you go to the straightaway and turn right. Drift left then go up. You'll reach the tunnel and will be left going straight. Be careful, for there is a drift, like in R4's Brightest Nite/Brightnite Cruiseway, after the jump. You will be taken back in time with the old-looking houses. You'll reach an S-turn while also seeing some ruins. You go up, down then left.You then go through a sharp drift, which I call the "onion drift" (it looks like an onion in the minimap). Then, you go through a tunnel. You get out, back in the present. You drift and you reach the finish line.



A sketch that shows the difference between the parts before the exit out of the tunnel in Mythical Coast (top) and Union Hill District/Overpass City (bottom).

  • As shown in the sketch at the right, before you go in the tunnel in Mythical Coast, you pass through a free road. In Union Hill District/Overpass City, you go IN the tunnel. This may be an incident, for they have the same exit points.

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