Micro Mouse Mappy RT
Founded in 1981, Micro Mouse Mappy Racing Club (or MMM) is a French team led by the new owner, Miss Sophie Chevalier, replacing her ill grandfather this season. She's a woman something feminist who knows very little about mechanics, and compensates for this with the mechanic Joan Deperter, who fixes optimizing for racing cars. Sophie herself is chafing under the prospect of an arranged marriage, which she comes to deal with over the season by dedicating herself to managing the team.

The team is ideal for beginners, cars are slower and easier to control than those of the other racing teams and the player faces rookie drivers. It is notable for its unusual headquarters which is a building inside a garage.

Design of Vehicles

The team's pet is Mappy, hence its name.

In Ridge Racer: The cars are blue or pink with the Mappy's Mouse and logo.

In Type 4: The cars are red with white and large print MMM, and a strip of blue moon whose inscription shows MMM. Also MAPPY logo in the skirts above the rear wheel, and the number 83 in the spoiler.

Appears In


Sophie's age is roughly the same as Reiko. She's also the youngest team manager in R4.

The team is named after the 'Mappy' arcade game series by Namco featuring the eponymous anthropomorphic mouse character.

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