[1] The Lucky and Wild Evolver is a sports car made by the American company Lucky & Wild and is the car prominent on the cover art in Ridge Racer 3D. Its one of three cars that were driven by Reiko Nagase, as seen in the introduction of the game.

It's based of its real life counterpart, the Ford Mustang Boss 302 (current and original).

Specs (Ridge Racer 3D)

  • Drift Type: Dynamic
  • Engine V8
  • Max rpm: 7500
  • Length: 178 inches
  • Width: 74 inches
  • Height: 55 inches
  • Max Speed: 181 - 216 mph
  • Description: Lucky and Wild's muscle car. While a dynamic machine, it boasts superior handling thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Ridge Racer Slipstream

It makes a return in Ridge Racer Slipstream, as a Class 01 machine. While it retains the Ford Mustang Boss 302 accent in Ridge Racer 3D. However, with the unveil of the widebody Mustang 2015, it does show some similarities on the outside.

Specs (Ridge Racer Slipstream)

  • Class: 01
  • Top Speed: 306 kmh/189 mph
  • Acceleration: 16.55 s
  • Handling: 1.95 G


  • The correct translation for "Evolver" is "to Evolve"