Lucky & Wild (Japanese: ラッキー&ワイルド) is an American manufacturer of sports cars, debuting in Ridge Racer 3D. Their lineup consists of cars with a very heavy muscle influence. In particular, the Lucky & Wild Evolver is heavily featured in Ridge Racer 3D, and is the car prominent on the cover art. One of their cars, called the Wisdom, was previously featured in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, branded as a Lizard, a manufacturer that merged and had their names reused by Danver.

Cars by Lucky & Wild


  • The maker's name is taken from Namco's old arcade game with same title, Lucky & Wild.
    • A Lucky & Wild sponsored opponent car appears in Rave Racer, quite incidentally.
  • Lucky & Wild Motors is stated to be founded in 1993.
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