The Lizard Nightmare is a bonus car made by Lizard, obtainable by finishing the extra trial in Ridge Racer Type 4. This devilish, sinister car was the rival of the Crinale, but as a product of an American manufacturer, it bears an English name, hence Nightmare. The car also appears in Ridge Racer 64.

Design and performance

Design wise, it may look like a typical sports prototype racing car with the addition of the 13th Racing livery just like the previous devil cars, but what's underneath is the key to the car's status as Lizard's devil car.

Powered by a thermonuclear fusion engine, the Nightmare is capable to reach considerably higher top speed than all of Lizard's "standard" racing cars. Using DRT tune, it can reach 369 km/h, but is slightly hindered by a terrible handling.

Beating the Nightmare with a car tuned by Dig Racing Team and the full-blown Nightmare will be given to the player. Colored in black and detailed with flames, the car came with the classic "flaming-hot" paint job.


  • In the Japanese version of R4, the car's rear wing says "DEATH"; but in the international versions of R4 and all versions of RR64, it says "NIGHTMARE" instead. The RR64 version also changes the devil symbol on the car's hood with the logo of Lizard instead.
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