The Lizard Bulldog (Lizard Tempest in the Japanese version of Rage Racer) is a 'secret' car in Rage Racer. The Lizard Bulldog has the highest acceleration of all the cars in Rage Racer. It resembles a 50's style hotrod that has been heavily modified. It boasts a ridiculous amount of torque and insanely high horsepower, enabling it to accelerate up any hills quickly.

Cars in Rage Racer
Class 1 Gnade Esperanza
Class 2 Lizard Acceron · Age Erriso
Class 3 Lizard Bayonet · Age Abeille · Assoluto Fatalita
Class 4 Lizard Hijack* · Age Pegase* · Assoluto Istante*
Class 5 Assoluto Ghepardo*
Class 6 Lizard Bulldog* · Age Vanquire · Assoluto Squaldon*
* denotes car only available with manual transmission