The Lizard Acceron, known as Lizard Instinct in the Japanese version of the game, is a Grade 2 vehicle in Rage Racer.


The Lizard Acceron takes cues from American muscle cars from the age of muscle cars (the 60's), such as the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Ford Mustang, with aerodynamics inspired from those used in both American stock car and Trans-Am racing. Curiously however, the Acceron has a black top in all of the car's specifications, suggesting that the car is a convertible, or it is equipped with a landau (a fake convertible roof). Curiously also for a car of this design, the car is equipped with a inline-4 SOHC engine (V6 in later classes), rather than a V8 engine usual for cars of this design.

The Acceron, like all other Lizard cars in Rage Racer, are designed for acceleration first and foremost, and came with drift tires by default.

Performance chart

The upgrade chart for all the car's available configurations in Rage Racer.

Grade Power Gears Engine Max speed (MT) Price (eg)
2 150 ps 4 I4 SOHC 2500cc 173 km/h
108 mph
3 190 ps 5 V6 SOHC 3500cc 194 km/h
121 mph
4 285 ps 5 V6 SOHC 4200cc 214 km/h
133 mph
5 420 ps 5 V6 DOHC 4800cc Supercharged 238 km/h
147 mph
  • All maximum speed numbers correspond to the car when driven with manual transmission. Please note that not all cars in Rage Racer can be equipped with automatic transmission.
  • The price that appears in the first row indicates the car purchase price from the car shop. All other prices are prices for upgrading the car.
  • All versions of Rage Racer uses ps (metric horsepower) as unit of power.
  • Data taken from (Japanese only), except for speed in mph, which is taken from Sal_89's GameFAQs entry.


Cars in Rage Racer
Class 1 Gnade Esperanza
Class 2 Lizard Acceron · Age Erriso
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Class 5 Assoluto Ghepardo*
Class 6 Lizard Bulldog* · Age Vanquire · Assoluto Squaldon*
* denotes car only available with manual transmission