"Lizard is an American car manufacturer that specializes in muscle cars. Their "brute force" approach in automobile design is fundamentally different than the European design ethos."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

Lizard (Japanese: リザード) was an American car manufacturer that appeared in Rage Racer and R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. Lizard is described as an American muscle car manufacturer that uses brute force approach in their car designs, although they also manufacture other cars such as pickup trucks.


Founded by Lizard Burton, it's regarded as one of the oldest manufacturer in the Ridge Racer universe. It experienced a slump in sales after the oil crisis, which signifies the era of eco-friendly and economic compact cars. However, despite this setback, Lizard begin to rise during the 1990s with the development of new models.

Lizard's debut in Real Racing Roots start at 1987, during the 19th Real Racing Roots in Chicago, however until 1998, it didn't score a manufacturer's victory. At some point, it is implied that Lizard filed a bankruptcy.

Unlike the fate of Rivelta, whose sale to Soldat was confirmed in a news ticker in Ridge Racer 7 (regarding the closure of Rivelta's development facilities), the fate of Lizard was never properly clarified in the games. Danver, a then-new manufacturer introduced in Ridge Racer V, began reusing Lizard's car names (Bayonet and Hijack, later known as HJ5000 in Ridge Racer 3D) in the PSP games, suggesting that Lizard was sold to Danver after the events of Ridge Racer Type 4, but before the events of the PSP games. However, the use of the Wisdom name, a name that formerly belonged to Lizard, by another American manufacturer, Lucky & Wild in Ridge Racer 3D (where Danver also appeared) have complicated the complete ordeal; there have been no official confirmation.

Lizard is comparable to General Motors.


Rage Racer

Ridge Racer Type 4


  • Lizard is established as the manufacturer of 13th Racing Kid in Ridge Racer 64; however, this is considered to be non-canon.
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