The Kamata SYNCi is the new car from Kamata that makes its debut in the upcoming Ridge Racer Vita. The car have elements from recent sports cars like the Lexus LFA and the second generation of Honda NSX, but maybe the most influenced was the Honda HSV-010 GT, a famous racing car that competed in Super GT series in Japan from 2010 to 2013.

Official description


  • Manufacturer: KAMATA
  • Name: SYNCi
  • Length: 4720mm
  • Height: 1222mm
  • Width: 2010mm

The SYNCi is a super sports car with a hybrid engine developed as the flagship for the next generation of Kamata cars. The name encapsulates the passion of the designers and means “a god container” or “a new container” in Japanese. The appropriately named SYNCi is equipped with various cutting-edge technologies such as the “SYNC-I system” that monitors driver stress and synchronizes with their emotions. This next generation car is the realization of Kamata’s vision of an intelligent vehicle that takes care of its driver. The exclusive race-tuned SYNCi is now coming to “Ridge Racer” in the hope that racers all over the world will road-test this new machine designed only for speed and drift.


  • A special version of Kamata SYNCi, with the livery of Pac-Man maze, was featured as a event-exclusive car in Bandai Namco's mobile racing game Drift Spirits.