The Kamata Fortune is a car introduced in Ridge Racer V, it looks only a little bit like the Age Abeille. In real-life, this would be a 1992 Honda Civic hatchback

The Fortune is the absolute easiest car to drive in the game and this is where all beginners should start. It has good acceleration a sharp turning radius and since it's a grip style car there is no worry of your back end sliding out from under you in a corner. It is slow however but you can still beat the game with it. You get a comparatively huge margin of error with this car, once you learn a track it is not tough to run a lap without hitting a wall. You will never need to use your brakes except for some rare occasions. The Fortune can make it around a majority of corners at top speed with no need at all to slow down as long as you have a good line through the corner.

Recommended Technique: In sharp hairpins like the ones in "Park Town" or "Sunny Beach" require quick turning. The Proper Technique is to let go of the gas and keep you finger off until the car in alignment with the exit angle. Once you car is aligned, catch the grip slide by hitting the accelerator again and holding onto it as you exit and then just continue on with the race. Be warned however, for if you dont have enough speed to keep your car at over 95 miles per hour throughout the whole turn, the car will stall the slide and understeer (steer too little) and smash into the wall. Do not worry if you hear the skid sound flicker as you enter the hairpin, for it is pretty common if you enter a little late but their is a 75% chance you will still make it.


Class Engine Top Speed
Standard KA-18FT, 1.8 liter inline-4 DOHC 240 km/h
Extra J20F, 2.0 liter V6 DOHC 291 km/h
Extra Oval KA-43TFT, 4.3 liter inline-4 turbo DOHC 397 km/h
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