The Kamata Fortune is a car that appeared in Ridge Racer V.

Design and Performance

The Fortune, in it's only appearance, without doubt, resembles the EG generation of Honda Civic, and is the first front-engine, front wheel drive (FF) car to appear in the series. As such, the car is designed as a grip car designed for beginners featuring a sharp turning radius and low speed (but with good acceleration to balance); as such, it is possible to drive the car without touching the brakes at all or even hitting a wall unless an understeer or late reaction to turns occur. On later races (especially on higher difficulties), the Fortune can be a challenge to win races due to the car's less than stellar performance compared to the competitors.

While the car's standard (1.8 I4 engine) and oval (2.0 V6 engine) engine specifications may look normal given the car's boy racer car status (despite producing around 300 horsepower in both specifications), the car's oval specification engine, billed at 4.3 liters and built by Kamata themselves, is considered overkill for a FF car, so much that the oval engine horsepower is not disclosed. The car features a five-speed transmission in the standard specification, with a sixth gear added in the tuned versions.

Although both cars never appeared together, the Age Abeille is considered a potential rival for the Fortune, as both are sports hatchbacks, although the Abeille features a mid-engine, rear-wheel drivetrain like the Renault Clio Trophy.

Performance chart

All the three engines available for the car:

Engine Specification Class Maximum speed Power
Kamata KA-18FT 1800cc I4 DOHC Standard 240 km/h 281 ps
Jeger J20F 2000cc V6 DOHC Extra 291 km/h 328 ps
Kamata KA-43TFT 3000cc V6 twin-turbo Oval 397 km/h Undisclosed


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