"Representing KAMATA is the classic sports coupe, the FIERA. With the emergence of many new machines over the years, it has been rumored that KAMATA would discontinue production of FIERA machines, however KAMATA has denied this speculation, promising to continue production. They also announced plans for a special Namco Bandai machine."
―"Ridge Racer 7"
The Kamata Fiera is Kamata's long-standing sports car. The Fiera is is one of the easiest cars to drive within the Ridge Racer series, and is a perfect car for beginner players. The cars design is based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, with elements of the Nissan Silvia.The car also appears in Ridge Racer Vita with an upgraded body kit including a spoiler.

This machine has existed in every Ridge Racer game, apart from Rage Racer and Ridge Racer Type 4. The original Fiera from 1st Ridge Racer game makes an appearance in 2011's Ridge Racer Unbounded as a pre-order bonus car under the name "Ridge Racer Car Mk1."

Ridge Racer V

Class Engine Top Speed
Standard KA-30FR, 3.0L inline-6 DOHC 272 km/h
Extra KA-30FRF, 3.0L inline-6 DOHC 286 km/h
Extra Oval J52FT, 5.2L inline-6 turbo DOHC 420 km/h

"This car has a light feel and allows anybody to experience the joy of sports driving. It is a popular drift car for beginners."

The Extra variant features a modified version of its original 3.0 liter engine (KA-30FRF) while the Extra Oval version features a custom 5.2 liter turbocharged inline-6 engine made by Jeger.

Ridge Racer 6

"FIERAs are popular for their ease of handling. These cars are very straightforward, running, turning, and stopping just as their drivers command."

Class Engine Power Top Speed
1 2.5 liter SOHC V6 217 hp 223 km/h
3 3.5 liter turbocharged SOHC V6 395 hp 288 km/h

In Ridge Racer 6, the Fiera is notable for its excellent inertia drift ability. Its Standard drift type makes it a well-balanced machine.

Ridge Racer 7

Specifications for Ridge Racer 7's iteration of the Fiera is as follows:

Category Stage 0 Stage 1 Solvalou Druaga Zolgear
4 241 km/h 248 km/h 251 km/h 252 km/h 249 km/h
3 282 km/h 288 km/h 292 km/h 293 km/h 289 km/h
2 307 km/h 313 km/h 317 km/h 319 km/h 315 km/h
1 326 km/h 333 km/h 338 km/h 339 km/h

335 km/h

Exclusive to Category 3 is the Kamata Fiera Complete Machine, obtainable by earning 100 Manufacturer's Points with Kamata. Initially, the Fiera is available with a 5-speed transmission, but from Category 3 onwards, it's fitted with a 6-speed transmission.

The Fiera appears as one of the starter cars in Ridge Racer 7, given to the player after completing the Kamata Manufacturer's Trial. It is one of the easiest cars to drive in the game, with it's standard drift type.

Specifications (Ridge Racer PSP)

  • Drift Type: Standard
  • Engine: V6
  • Max RPM: 9000
  • Length: 176 inches
  • Width: 71 inches
  • Height: 46 inches
  • Max Speed: 136 mph
  • Description: Popular due to its well-balanced performance, this potent Fiera had all 765 of its limited edition model sold out within 15 minutes.

Specifications (Ridge Racer Unbounded)

  • Class: Street
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Speed: 2/5 (146mph/237km/h)
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Handling: 2/5
  • Strength: 1/5
  • Drifting: 2/5

Specifications (Ridge Racer Slipstream)

Specs: Class 04

  • Top Speed: 245 kmh/152 mph (267 kmh/165 mph maxed)
  • Acceleration: 19.10 s (18.20s maxed)
  • Grip: 1.56 G (1.79 G maxed)
  • Drift: -10% (0% maxed, from Mild to Standard)
  • Price: 18000CR


  • Fiera is the Italian and Spanish word for "Beast" or "Wild Animal"
  • The car vaguely resembles a Nissan Silvia throughout, with some inspiration coming from the 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  • In Ridge Racer V, it was renamed the Fiaro, but returned as the Fiera in later games.
  • According to Ridge Racer 6's in-site description, a special edition of the Fiera was equipped with paddle shifters, implying that the car had an automatic/semi-automatic transmission.
  • A special paint job can be downloaded for Ridge Racer Vita. The special paint job features Haruka Amami, an idol from Namco's other series, The iDOLM@STER
  • In Ridge Racer Slipstream for iOS, Kamata Fiera is called Kamata Fiarre.
  • A special, Complete Machine variant of the Fiera can be obtained in Ridge Racer 7 by scoring 100 Manufacturer Points with Kamata.


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