Kamata (Japanese: カマタ) is a Japanese car manufacturer that is known for its all-round capabilities. The Kamata name first appears in Ridge Racer V, but their original car, the Fiera (also called the Fiaro and Fiarre) have been appearing before in the early games. Kamata can be seen as Ridge Racer's counterpart to major Japanese automakers such as Nissan or Toyota.



  • Kamata (蒲田) is a Japanese name with a meaning related to cultivation of rice paddy, a traditional farming activity in Asian countries including Japan.
  • In Ridge Racer: Unbounded, the Kamata name was found in one of the paint schemes for the Crinale. It is likely that Kamata either co-developed the car or supplied the engine, or it could a mistake from Bugbear, who developed the game.
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