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The logo of Jeger.

​Jeger is a custom engine builder appearing in Ridge Racer V. Alongside with VECT Engineering, Jeger makes custom engines for the Extra class cars as well as Oval specification engines for use in races held at the Airport Oval. Jeger can be stated as Ridge Racer's equivalents of independent racing engine builders such as ​Judd or Advanced Engine Research (AER).

The fate of Jeger and VECT after RRV is unknown.


Name Engine type/displacement Application Class
J52FT 5200cc Inline 6 turbo Kamata Fiaro Oval
J40TT 4000cc V8 DOHC twin-turbo Danver Toreador Extra
J62TT 6200cc V8 DOHC twin-turbo Danver Toreador Oval
J20F 2000cc V6 DOHC Kamata Fortune Extra
J58TEO 5800cc Flat 6 DOHC twin-turbo (aircooled) Himmel E.O. Oval
Cars in Ridge Racer V
Regular cars Kamata Fiaro · Danver Toreador · Rivelta Solare · Kamata Fortune · Rivelta Mercurio · Himmel E.O.
Duel cars Danver Spectra · Rivelta Crinale · Soldat Rumeur · Kamata Angelus
Pac-Man cars Pac-Man · Pac-Man's Ghosts (Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde)
See also: Jeger · VECT Engineering

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