The Himmel 490B is HImmel's special machine in Ridge Racer 6 and 7.

The 490B is very unusually designed, using a H-shaped chassis with a suspended cockpit in the middle. This unusual design brings the center of gravity quite low and the weight distribution very even. It also makes the handling extremely stable, more so than almost any car in the series. The 490B seems to never properly drift, only slide at a slight angle. This is a trademark of Himmel's "mild" drifting type, ensuring absolute stability and control.

The 490B is most likely powered by a turbine-like engine similar to the Kamata Angelus, as it is very quiet and has very quick acceleration. It is also speculated that it is powered by one or more electric motors located in the wheel arches.

The 490B features Hi-Nitrous, meaning the boosts come in very short bursts but are extremely powerful. This means the driver must anticipate the Ultimate Charge much faster, as the boosts end much quicker than normally. It compensates for this by having a good Ultimate Charge rate.