Himmel (Japanese: ヒンメル) is a German car manufacturer, first appearing in Ridge Racer V. Himmel is famous for their E.O., an air-cooled sports car that have been in production of generations, making them the counterpart of Porsche in the Ridge Racer universe.


  • E.O.: Himmel's most popular air-cooled, rear engine car, which have been in production and underwent changes in generations of production.
  • 490B: Himmel's futuristic concept car, featuring an arc-shaped body and electric motor.


  • Himmel is German for "sky" or "heaven".
  • The logo of Himmel shows twin wings which possibly shows how it is related to the sky. In a way, the company's logo may look similar to the Honda (car division) logo. (Incidentally, the motorcycle division of Honda uses a wing as its logo).
  • It is possible that Himmel is the manufacturer of the Team Red Lightning car in Dirt Dash, due to the car's similarity to a Porsche.
  • Himmel was the only manufacturer that did not have a Special Machine in Ridge Racer V. This was compensated in Ridge Racer 6.
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