The Gnade G00 is Gnade's one-off concept car, featured in both Ridge Racer 6 and 7. According to Ridge Racer 7's description of the car, the double zeroes in the "G00" name means that there is no other car like it. Powered by a turbocharged engine that sends its power to a 7-speed transmission, this luxobarge is by no means slow, as it can reach over 200 mph. However, compared to other Special Machines, the G00 is compeletly average.

In Ridge Racer 7, being a Special Machine means that one cannot customize the car. It is obtainable by completing a special route (Ridge Racer 6) or, in Ridge Racer 7, by beating it in a duel.


  • Ridge Racer 6's depiction of the G00 having an all-wheel drive and powered by a turbocharged W16 engine may be a nod to Bugatti.