Gnade (pronounced ge-nah-day, Japanese: グナーデ) is a German car manufacturer of high-performance luxury cars introduced in Rage Racer. Gnade is Ridge Racer's take on Audi.


RR7 Magnifico

The Gnade Magnifico, a luxury hot hatch in 7

  • Esperanza: The Esperanza is a luxury coupe. It was the starting car and Gnade's only car in Rage Racer, taking the look of boxy European sedans such as BMW 3-series and Alfa Romeo 155, and later makes an appearance in Ridge Racer (PSP), Ridge Racer 6 and Ridge Racer 7, taking the look of Audi TT.
  • G00: The G00, having the looks of a Cadillac Sixteen, is a one-off luxury concept sedan, is Gnade's most advanced creation and also their fastest machine.
  • Magnifico: The powerful and sporty car has been ordered by many celebrities as a recreational vehicle. It makes its first appearance in Ridge Racer 7.
  • Dignistar: The Gnade Dignistar is a luxury sports car, designed in the lines of the original Esperanza.


  • Gnade means mercy or grace in German.
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