Dig Racing Team
Dig Racing Team is a team from Ridge Racer Type 4 named after one of Namco's games: Dig Dug. In the game, Robert Christman is the manager of DRT, formerly a team rivalling Racing Team Solvalou, but are currently experiencing a slump in their career (shown by Christman's statement that the fans called the team "Dig Your Own Grave team" due to the team's recent screw-ups). Players will experince smart, cunning racers that is way harder than any team, just like real-life racing. DRT's tuning was as good as Pac Racing Team's because there are on a short of money. The trophy by winning in DRT is a knight standing on a throne-shaped stone.

Now, DRT is simply "Dig Dug", an Aeroparts manufacturing company as of Ridge Racer 7.


  • Chrisman DRT

    Robert Christman

    Robert was married and has children.
  • His English was good, even when he's talking, since he is American.
  • He was mentioned in Ridge State News that he made a kart racing school.
  • The fate of the team is similar to the Williams F1 team, as Williams was also a victorious team that suffered slump multiple times in 90s and 2000s.
  • In Germany, Ridge Racer Type 4 almost got banned because Dig Your Own Grave team phrase is a reference to a holocaust tragedy in World War 2 when Nazis force Jews to dig their own graves to be executed.

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