"Danver's workhorse delivers good power and decent handling."
Ridge Racer V's blurb for the Standard class version

The Danver Toreador is a car introduced in Ridge Racer V. It only appeared once in the whole series.

As one of the drift cars, the Toreador is prone to oversteer, as the heavy nature of the car sends it into lazy slides. In order to take advantage of the car, precise steering inputs of the car is needed, and track memorization also helps while driving the car. To initiate a drift, let off the accelerator and immediately re-apply it while pointing the car towards a turn. Once in a drift, the car must be countersteered in order to straighten it up. There is a danger of drifting too car into the wall if not done correctly. Overcorrection can also occur if there is too much input when countersteering. If this is to happen, the best thing to do is to let off the accelerator and allow the car to regain traction.


Class Engine Top Speed
Standard 6D-GE, 3.0L V8 SOHC 298 km/h
Extra J40TT, 4.0L twin turbo V8 DOHC 339 km/h
Extra Oval J60TT, 6.2L twin turbo V8 DOHC 424 km/h

"This car, which rides like a wild bronco, can be enjoyed for its large and abundant amount of torque. It is a drift car geared toward intermediate level drivers."

Both the Extra and Extra Oval variant of the Toreador are powered by twin-turbocharged Jeger engines. The Extra variant is powered by Jeger's twin-turbocharged, single overhead cam V8 engine with 4.0 liters of displacement named J40TT, while the Extra Oval variant is powered by Jeger's twin-turbocharged, single overhead cam V8 engine with 6.0 liters of displacement named the J60TT.


  • As stated on Ridge Racer 7, the Toreador was first manufactured in 1965.
  • The Toreador resembles the 4th generation Ford Mustang, but takes style cues from the Nissan Silvia S15 from the rear taillights.


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