"Gut wrenching acceleration at the expense of all around functionality."
―RRV description.
A special machine featured in Ridge Racer V, which can be unlocked by beating Pluto in a duel in Above the City. It is somewhat slow in the first few seconds, but at 90 km/h Spectra literally explodes, reaching its top speed of 398 km/h in mere seconds. In a race this means that Spectra will most likely take the top place very quickly, but this is countered by the fact that this car is somewhat difficult to control and most other special cars have higher top speed.
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The medal which is awarded for winning in a duel against Spectra.

Visually, Spectra takes aspects of both muscle car, like Plymouth GTX, and a more classic car like first generation Cadillac DeVille. It is powered by a monstrous 10 liter V8 engine, and the air scoop for the supercharger is visible on both car and engine model. In real life, similar engines can be found in drag racing, and Spectra's acceleration reflects this fact well enough.

The Latin text on the medal awarded with Spectra says "Omnis amans amens", which means "Every lover is demented".

Description (as stated by the announcer)

"The Spectra dishes out gut-wrenching acceleration at the expense of all-round functionality. There's no faster car off the grid."


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