The Bass Cruiser is an SUV made by Danver, featured as the manufacturer's Special Machine in both Ridge Racer 6 and 7. Its name comes from the fact that this car is fitted with a massive sound system, taking up both rear seats and the entire trunk.

Performance wise, the car's main advantage is the acceleration, as it can reach its top speed in a short time despite having a large size and only sports a 4-speed transmission.

While having very good acceleration, it is a very heavy vehicle and can be difficult to control. Its handling is somewhat similar to the Danver Hijack. It is very sluggish and tends to oversteer more than one would expect, although it has an excellent inertia drift ability. However, it tends to slide outwards in sharp corners very quickly.

It has incredible Ultimate Charge levels, at the cost of a very poor Standard Charge rate. Nitrous-wise, it is only rivalled by the Age Ultranova.


  • Bass Cruiser's description as an SUV that has military pedigree in Ridge Racer 7 is a possible nod to Hummer which is notorious for its use as a military vehicle.