Brightest Nite

Brightest Nite, later renamed to Britenight Cruiseway, is a course featured in Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP).

Course Data

  • Located in: New York City (USA)
  • Length: 3.667 miles


It starts at the same point as Edge of the Earth, but it branches early, just halfway to the straight that leads to Edge of the Earth's first hairpin. After turning right to a short tunnel, players will face a sharp left turn that leads to a section of pavement block road that offers good overtaking chance due to its width. Next, players will enter a tunnel that leads to a large jump, followed by a sharp right-hander. Despite the right-hander's width, players still have to be careful when negotiating it to prevent crashing. Drift as soon as the car hit the ground to maintain a good speed. After that, the player will return to Edge of the Earth's final section.