The Vulcano is Assoluto's devil machine featured in Ridge Racer Type 4, obtainable by winning Assoluto's extra trial.

Design and performance

The Vulcano is not even a car at this point - instead, it's a prototype of a highly-experimental race vehicle which utilizes advanced technology to float above the road below it. It features a design that's akin to a battleship or tank, being a drastically unique high-tech design. Its ability to hover above the road grants it superior handling and speed, free from the friction of the tarmac. Powered by an anti-gravity propulsion system, it features excellent speed and handling, although cautious driving is required due to the fact that it hovers above the track.


  • The Pronzione featured in Ridge Racer 6 and 7 could be considered as Vulcano's successor.
  • At redline-high RPMs, the computer system present inside of the Vulcano will utter "Caution!" in a heavily computerized voice to warn anyone commandeering it that the RPM is too high. The warning is not unlike the "Caution!" alert heard in of various fighter jets included in Namco's 'Ace Combat' series when either the aircraft or the pilot is in possible danger. This contributes to the Vulcano's high-tech image and suggests it may have military roots in terms of its technology.
  • Its name means "volcano" in Italian.


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