The Assoluto Squalo is a car produced by Assoluto, appearing only in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.


The Squalo is the final Assoluto machine awarded to the player after winning every race before the final event of the Real Racing Roots '99 at Shooting Hoops. The design ethos of the Squalo is based of a mixture of the Formula One and Le Mans Prototype cars that competed at the time when R4 was released. The 3 liter V10 engine powering the Squalo falls in line with the F1 engines at the time, while the bodywork features the combination of both F1 and Le Mans cars, specifically the Peugeot 905 Evo 2 (nicknamed the "supercopter"), one of the last Group C racing cars.

Performance data

The car's maximum speed and horsepower from all the four stages and teams. The Garage number indicates the car number in the Change Car (in the Garage mode).

Stage Garage DRT MMM PRC RTS
4 19 340 km/h
212 mph
(752 ps)
312 km/h
195 mph
(750 ps)
321 km/h
200 mph
(752 ps)
331 km/h
206 mph
(756 ps)
  • Horsepower numbers taken from (Japanese language only). Please note, the horsepower numbers are not displayed in the game.


  • Squalo is the Italian word for shark.
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