The Assoluto Pronzione was added to the series in Ridge Racer 6 as a a special class hovercraft type car. This machine is a prototype of the next generation car. The car itself is the evolution of Assoluto Vulcano.


The Assoluto Pronzione is Assoluto's Special Machine in Ridge Racer 6 and 7. It is one of the most unusually designed cars in the series, resembling that of a hovercraft. There is no windshield or any windows, similar to that of the Soldat Crinale. This may point to a possible driverless layout or camera-views.

Due to the nature of the anti-gravity engines, the Pronzione drifts extremely easily, and does not require the driver to brake or let off the gas to start sliding. This can make it extremely difficult to control and requires extremely precise movements.

In Ridge Racer 7, the Pronzione features Auto-charging Flex Nitrous, meaning the nitrous bar will charge itself over time and progressively become more powerful the longer it is used.