The Assoluto Promessa is a mid-engine sports car produced by Assoluto, first appearing in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. A new generation of the Promessa appears as a DLC car for Ridge Racer Vita.

Design and performance


The first generation Promessa in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

In it's first appearance in Ridge Racer Type 4, the Promessa is a starting car when players choose Assoluto as their manufacturer of choice. Here, it resembles the second-generation Toyota MR2 (especially the rear end), with a racing air snorkel in the engine bay. The car is also one of the preset cars, using the alias of Preset D1; this version is based on the Pac Racing Club specification, like all other Preset cars.

The version in Ridge Racer for Vita features a high resemblance to the W Motors Lykan Hypersport in terms of external design, and a few details of the new Honda NSX, especially in the mechanical and backstory department: the car was stated to be launched in an car show in the United States in June 2011 (the first NSX concept was launched in January 2012 in North American International Auto Show) and includes a Motor Assist Hybrid system. The car retains the trademark rear snorkel. However, the new Promessa uses a 2400cc flat-6 engine (the same type that Lykan used, although the Lykan had 3700cc displacement), in contrast to NSX's 3500cc V6. The racing version of the car is known as Evo3 in the car's description, and is stated to be developed six months after the production model. The Japan/Asia-only IDOLM@STER EX Color for this car (downloaded separately) features Yayoi.

Performance chart

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

The car's maximum speed and horsepower from all the four stages and teams. The Garage number indicates the car number in the Change Car (in the Garage mode). It has a 2.5 liter double overhead cam inline-4 engine.

Stage Garage DRT MMM PRC RTS
1 1 166 km/h
103 mph
(184 ps)
162 km/h
101 mph
(183 ps)
171 km/h
106 mph
(186 ps)
180 km/h
112 mph
(189 ps)
2 2 180 km/h
112 mph
(220 ps)
178 km/h
111 mph
(215 ps)
194 km/h
116 mph
(218 ps)
200 km/h
121 mph
(223 ps)
3 6 194 km/h
122 mph
(244 ps)
194 km/h
121 mph
(241 ps)
200 km/h
125 mph
(243 ps)
212 km/h
132 mph
(246 ps)
4 13 285 km/h
178 mph
(273 ps)
280 km/h
175 mph
(272 ps)
290 km/h
181 mph
(272 ps)
301 km/h
188 mph
(275 ps)
  • Horsepower numbers taken from (Japanese language only). Please note, the horsepower numbers are not displayed in the game.
  • The Preset D1 is based on the PRC Stage 1 specification of the Promessa..



  • Promessa means "promise" in Italian.
  • The "Preset D1" car, available when the player has not chosen any car in the garage's first slot (out of eight), is the Pac Racing Club specification of the Promessa.
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