The Age Ultranova is Age's Special Machine featured in Ridge Racer 6 and 7.

It drives similarly to a Class 1 standard-type car, such as the Assoluto Bisonte and Kamata RC410. However, it does start drifting somewhat easier.

Its strength lies on its extreme rates of Ultimate Charge. In Ridge Racer 6, it is possible for one to collect a full tank of boost in a single Ultimate Charge. Ridge Racer 7 employs a similar system, although the charge rate is slightly lessened for balance reasons. The cost of this is one among the weakest Normal Charge rates among any in-game vehicle. This means the Ultranova is very good on short, tight courses which require several Ultimate Charges; although in the hands of a good driver, it can prove a challenge on other tracks.

Age won 2004's Ridge World Grand Prix, and they decided to make a replica of the winning car. As of 2005, it was still a prototype, but according to Age engineer Francois Juvet, "it's pretty darn close."

The Ultranova takes design elements from the "Mach 5" from the television series "Speed Racer".