The Erriso is a compact car made by Age, exclusively featured in Rage Racer.

Design and performance

It's the smallest car in Class 2, and also the lightest. Power comes from a range of engines, which is as follows:

  • In its initial Class 2 specs, it's powered by a 1.0 liter overhead valve inline 4 engine, mated to a 4-speed transmission;
  • Class 3 upgrades increased the engine size to 1.3 liter and the transmission is now a 5-speed transmission. Visually, it features an enhanced aerodynamics;
  • Class 4 upgrades doesn't feature an engine swap, but rather the Class 3's 1.3 liter is upgraded. The aero's now even more aggressive, featuring wider bumpers and fender flares;
  • Its final Class 5 upgrades features extensive modifications: the engine is now a supercharged 1.3 liter double overhead camshaft inline 4 and the bodywork is thoroughly modified.
Grade Power Gears Engine

Top speed




2 80 ps 4 1.0 liter inline-4 OHV 185 km/h 2,600
3 130 ps 5 1.3 liter inline-4 OHV 203 km/h 11,300
4 160 ps 5 1.3 liter inline-4 OHV 226 km/h 70,500
5 190 ps 5 Supercharged 1.4 liter inline-4 DOHC 242 km/h 361,500
Cars in Rage Racer
Class 1 Gnade Esperanza
Class 2 Lizard Acceron · Age Erriso
Class 3 Lizard Bayonet · Age Abeille · Assoluto Fatalita
Class 4 Lizard Hijack* · Age Pegase* · Assoluto Istante*
Class 5 Assoluto Ghepardo*
Class 6 Lizard Bulldog* · Age Vanquire · Assoluto Squaldon*
* denotes car only available with manual transmission

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